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  • Dr. Matthew Hedelius
     Psy. D., LCSW


    Dr. Matthew Hedelius specializes in the treatment of sexual compulsivity. He has also  provided Intensive Outpatient Treatment of sexual disorders for 17 years. He provides Bio and Neurofeedback therapy for patients who are suffering from addictions and has served as the director of the Institute For Research and Treatment of Addictive Disorders since 1999.

  • Dr. A. Todd Freestone
     Psy. D., LCSW, CSAT

    Clinical Director

    Dr. Freestone specializes in the treatment of sexual compulsivity, sex offender and sexual victimization dosorders.  He also provides treatment for other addictive disorders including substance abuse, gambling, and theft as well as trauma and other mental health issues. He has an extensive background in he clinical supervision of other mental health professionals.

  • Brad Kelstrom
     MSW, LCSW

    Brad Kelstrom, MSW, LCSW, recieved his Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees from the University of Utah. He has experience working in inpatient and outpatient settings with people impacted by substance abuse, sexual addictions, eating disorders, domestic violence, depression, and anxiety. Brad has enjoyed working at Comprehensive Treatment Clinic since moving to Logan, Utah a couple of years ago. He and his wife Lindsey are the parents of two young children, Ella and Collin.

  • Tami Curtis
     MSW, CSW

    Tami Curtis, MSW, CSW was born and raised in Logan, Utah.  She received a bachelor degree in Family Consumer and Human Development with a minor in Psychology from Utah State University and began working with women struggling with eating disorders.  With a desire to further help people struggling with addiction she continued her education to receive a master of Social Work from Utah State University.  During her clinical internship she had the opportunity to work with men, women, and children who have been victims of abuse.  She is currently a staff therapist and crisis worker at the Comprehensive Treatment Clinic in Logan, Utah.  Tami enjoys working to empower clients on their journey through the healing process.  She is married and delights in raising their two children.


Office Manager

  • Shawn Thompson

    MSW, CSW

    Shawn specializes in the treatment of addictions, trauma and implementing principles of mindfulness at the IRATAD. He has experience in outpatient, intensive outpatient, inpatient and emergency room settings.

Adam Boman

Social Work Intern

Ralph Harriman

Social Work Intern

The Institute for Research and Treatment of Addictive Disorders opened its doors in 1999 with Dr. Freestone and Dr. Hedelius being the only therapists working in the clinic.  Since that time it has grown from an 800 square foot office with two clinical offices to a 4,000 square foot office with seven clinical offices, four full time therapists, one part time therapist and three support staff.


The Institute for Research and Treatment of Addictive Disorders specialized in the treatment of addiction and trauma disorders. The clinical staff at the Institute for Research and Treatment of Addictive Disorders is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most comprehensive treatment available. We provide individual and group therapy for all addictive disorder and are involved in regular and ongoing training in order to stay at the cutting edge of addiction and trauma treatment.  Dr. Freestone and Dr. Hedelius are members of the Society for Advancement of Sexual Health and provide regular training for different groups on both a state and national level. In addition to individual and group therapy we provide marital and family therapy.


At the Institute for Research and Treatment of Addictive Disorders we work hard to provide an atmosphere of healing from the very moment a potential patient calls our office.  If you or a loved one are in need of mental health treatment for an addiction, trauma, or any other mental health problem including depression and anxiety we invite you to call our office and speak with us.  We are confident you will experience the Comprehensive Treatment Clinic as a safe place for healing.

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